Hit Club tips to stay sharp


Balance and rhythm are key to a good approach


Don’t think in the box. Look for the ball and try and drive it “Hard” through the middle of the field.

Two-strike hitting

You do not have to choke up on the bat, but you may want to spread out your legs a bit more than usual to have better control.

Relax to hit

Keep your upper body loose at the plate and take deep breaths as you get into the box. It will allow you to have more success and keep your barrel in the zone longer.

Be Aggressive

When you are ahead in the count, you should always take good aggressive swings at hittable pitches.

Launch Angle

The natural follow through of a swing is upward so don't misunderstand and start uppercutting too early or you will lose posture and be late and miss balls. Down to it and up through it.